Why Quick Guard


We at QuickGuard want to simplify the process of hiring a guard, we want our customer to hire a security guard without much burden. Making the process much simpler than the usual, we connect our customers to nearby experienced guards. Much cheaper and faster then other ways of hiring security guards, QuickGuard focuses on the convenience. Making the customers lives much easier by saving them time and money.

1 Safety:

Here at QuickGuard, all the security guards go through security checks, making safety our top priority.

Every security guard on the QuickGuard platform, has been through security checks such as DBS and CRB.We only choose security guards that have the same principles and values as

2 Quick :

It says it in our brand name, and the most important thing for QuickGuard is to create value for the customer and the most thing is time. QuickGuard saves the customer valuable time. By using our platform customers can hire security with just few clicks on our website. Fastest and cheapest way to hire security.

3 Cheap:

QuickGuard has the lowest rates in the security industry, you can hire security as little as £8 per hour, our method is simple we charge on an hourly basis, which is very different from various competitors. QuickGuard has the lowest fare in the security industry. Feel free to compare us to other security services.

4 Reliable:

Our security guards are reliable and trustworthy. All the information such the availability, location and experience are available on our website, so you can choose the security guard that matches your preference.